Best Primavera Online Training in India

Best Primavera Online Training in India is provided by CREDO SYSTEMZ. We provide case study and practical training and improve the technical knowledge of the candidate. “Primavera P6”  Professional Project Management is the powerful tool for managing and executing projects in an organized manner at global level. Ranked No.1 best primavera online training in India by experts.

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It provides an easy solution to project managers and planning engineers for managing projects of any size, get used to various levels of difficulties arise within a project and smartly scales to meet up the needs of your organization. Widely used in the industries such as construction, engineering, energy, aerospace, transport and security, as well as in many other industry sectors.

The benefits of using Primavera P6 software are :

  • Primavera helps to plan and manage your project activities effectively.
  • Helps to plan and track budget and actual costs of resources and other project expenses.
  • It provides clear visibility of what’s going on in the project.
  • It reduces the risk of schedule and cost overrun.
  • Helps to optimize the various resources involved in the project.
  • Huge number of career opportunities available for those who know the Primavera P6 software in various industrial sectors.

What is Primavera?

Primavera P6 project management is a leading tool which offers project management solutions recommended by most of industries such as engineering and constructions, oil and gas industries, high-tech manufacturing industries, logistics and supply chain industries, project oriented industries and so on. Primavera P6 solutions can assist you make enhanced project management decisions by providing start-to-end, real-time visibility into all significant information.

Why Primavera?

Primavera P6 is the only tool used by six figure career planners and schedulers that we are aware of.  It’s good for managing thousands of people executing hundreds of projects totaling billions of dollars in a multi user environment where project management ,schedulers , field staff and home office can all access and update the schedule with role based restrictions on what the can view and change.

Why Credo?


  • Best Oracle Primavera Online Training in India
  • 30 hours of primavera training
  • Provides 1-1 individual training on special request.
  • Reference Material will be provided
  • Affordable fees for the primavera online training candidates
  • Flexible course schedule
  • Active participation exercises to develop your skills and experience
  • Exclusive Student and Group offers
  • Course handled by Industry Experts
  • 100 % Job assistance
  • Large network of Alumni working in Middle East (gulf), UK, US, France…etc throughout the world
  • Ranked No.1 best online primavera training in India.



Chapters Topics Covered
1 Introduction to Project Management
2 Overview of Primavera
3 Creating Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
4 Creating Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
5 Creating a Project
6 Creating Resources and Roles
7 Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
8 Adding Activities
9 Creating Relationships
10 Assigning Roles
11 Assigning Resources and Costs
12 Activity Codes, Project Codes & Resource Codes
13 Scheduling
14 Assigning Constraints
15 Baselines
16 Global Change
17 Reflection
18 Budgeting
19 Updating the progress
20 Filters
21 Creating Calendars and Resource Shifts
22 S-Curve
23 Tracking the progress
24 Customizing Gantt Chart Bars
25 Notebooks, WPs and Docs
26 Thresholds, Issues and Risks management
27 User Administration
28 General Administration
29 General and Advanced Reporting
30 Claim Digger
31 Importing and Exporting Data
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